January 9, 2014


Christmas gifts for teachers – a great way to show appreciation for their incredibly tough job of working with my boys. Wish I could give them all $200 to spend on themselves or for room supplies… But that is not in my budget. What is in my budget is time. Time spent baking gifts with love. My gifts are remembered, evidently. cookiesOur first biscotti blitz occurred in December of 2011. So August 2012 when I was registering the boys for school, one of the teachers asked if I would be making biscotti for Christmas again. Hadn’t really thought about it at that point, but I kept it in mind... Yeah -- Here were the cookie selections for last year:labeledAs November rolled around this past year, I decided I would change it up a bit and make like 3 different flavors of my caramel corn and a couple other candies. But my youngest said, you know Mom, the teachers are asking about their Christmas biscotti.


So I planned out my flavors. I made:

ejcaramelappleCaramel Apple




ejcherryeggnogCherry Eggnog


ejredvelvetRed Velvet


ejreesespbReese’s® Peanut Butter


ejlemonblueberryand Lemon Blueberry.DSCN9407My sophomore told me he was getting dirty looks from previous years’ teachers as he delivered his gifts…DSCN9401…and the youngest told me a couple of his instructors were inquiring as to whether or not any more little Shinglers would follow him…DSCN9402

(I will be posting recipes for these 6 varieties of biscotti, sometime… )


  1. I vote for the Caramel Apple--of course, that is the only one I was able to taste!! Baglady~~!

  2. I can't wait for the recipes! Wish I was on your Christmas biscotti gift list. They look yummy!

  3. Oh goodness, what a labor of love and to think they are so fabulous the teachers remember them from year to year!



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