September 15, 2016

Angry® Mustard on Angry® Sausage

Here it is again, time for our Improv Challenge where cooks are assigned a couple unlikely ingredients and asked to come up with a recipe. September’s selected components are Sausage & Mustard.  I decided that I’d also toss in apples and hard cider, since it’s (supposed to be) Fall. My favorite hard drink, any time of year, is Angry Orchard® Crisp Apple.EJ-ANGRYmustard (1)The mustard needed to be made a couple weeks early. It’s flavor is rather “angry” now – there’s quite a bit of kick to it. Next time I’ll not use that much of the mustard powder…EJ-ANGRYmustardrecipeThe sausage I thought a little dry. So, next time I will skip the turkey and use all pork! To save time, (and because our final dish needed sausage crumbled) we did not stuff the mixture into casings – but I would highly recommend that for boiling then grilling…EJ-ANGRYsausagerecipeOur favorite way to eat sausage is to boil them in beer, toss them on the grill, shove them into a soft & chewy hoagie roll, pile them high with grilled peppers & onions, then slather them with some deli mustard!Unfortunately, when life hands members of the family a low-sodium & gluten-free diet, you have to modify that dream dish…

What I visualized was a nice Bob’s Red Mill® Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour dough that I could wrap up some sausage & onion/pepper hand pies… Regrettably, said dough didn’t quite get that visualization and consequently did not cooperate in the desired manner.

I did manage, however, to spread the stupid uncooperative offending @$#%*&^ tacky dough across a sheet of parchment to create a sausage and onion & pepper flat bread. I put down a little mustard before sprinkling on the other ingredients.EJ-ANGRYsausage (7)Oh wow! That turned out better than I’d hoped!EJ-ANGRYsausage (9)And then, of course, served the Angy Mustard along side…EJ-ANGRYmustard (7)

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