October 23, 2014


... I'll be able to drizzle caramel...

October 16, 2014

chocolate “chips” & peanut butter dip

Get your mixing bowls out -- it’s #ImprovCookingChallenge day! October’s challenge ingredients are peanut butter & chocolate. Of course I decided mine would be gluten-free…ejpbchocTITLEThe peanut butter dip recipe was developed from thoughts in this post last year; but my “chips” were somewhat inspired by Mary’s recipe here.ejpbchocINGREDI was very pleased with the performance of Pamela’s® Artisan Flour Blend in this recipe. My chips baked up nice & crisp!ejpbchocCRISPIt was my intention to use cream cheese in the dip. However, at Costco the price of that was more than twice the price of ricotta!ejpbchocDIP Delicious dip, nonetheless…ejpbchocCHOICETried it with a Honeycrisp apple ~ !


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