April 23, 2017


We'll begin this post with thanks to H's Nana & Poppy 
for providing such a sweet ride for him to roll up with his date to prom.

(& thanks to his dad for being chauffeur!)

H looks handsome in everything, but his peeps had to have their input...
We started the evening with pictures. Mr. & Mrs. D & big sis come along. (When your baby asks another family's baby to prom, it becomes quite a family production...) 

We'd previously scouted our location for picturesque-ness & sunlight that time of day,
but did not expect like 400 OTHER PROM-GOERS FROM ALL OVER TOWN to be there as well. I think this made H & P.D. slightly nervous (he was a trifle stiff in some photos) and kind of cramped our style & time allotment.

The lovely corsage from Glendale Flowers was perfect for P.D.'s dress & accessories.
She looked like a princess!

We had to wait our turn for a couple of the more picture-perfect backgrounds,
and it turns out some of the crowd  multitude  throng horde  prompicturemob were girls from their school.

Mrs. D was fun to watch as she posed the kids
(as well as any "professional photographer" from a studio) 
and cleaned benches so P.D.'s dress wouldn't be mussed.
There were so many laughs! We enjoyed the time spent with the D family.
And then, after all that,
prom was but another pleasant memory...

April 20, 2017

Bananas Foster Biscotti (gf)

This mama doesn't "do" bananas. Used to -- but now, even their smell, ever since my first pregnancy, A couple of my fellas eat them, so I allow a banana or two in the house until it starts to become too yellow. Can't even have the peels in the compost bucket indoors -- straight out to the garden pile with it!
Imagine my chagrin upon learning Nichole deemed April's #ImprovCookingChallenge ingredients to be coconut & bananas! (Last time bananas happened, a couple years back, I didn't participate that month...)
Ah well! We're grown-ups! We'll add a little alcohol & make it work. Soooooooo... why don't we whip up a batch of these: 

The biscotti are a little crumbly, the rum drizzle drench is slightly tacky, but those are pretty darn good gluten-free, processed-sugar-free cookies! Here's the recipe:


Do you like almond butter? or cashew butter? or sun butter? I highly recommend coconut butter! I used Bob's Red Mill Shredded Coconut to make mine.

The resultant biscotti do not (thankfully) have a pronounced banana flavor. You could always add more banana liqueur to the cookie batter. ☺☺☺☺ The links below will take you to some more banana & coconut recipes: