December 20, 2011

Biscotti Blitz

One of the chores I didn't have to worry about at Christmas last year was teacher gifts.  Homeschooling is nice that way. Since our oldest was attending high school, I did make seven-inch cinnamon rolls for him to take in to his teachers.
This year, however, we've got three boys at three different schools. That's seven high school teachers, six junior high teachers, and two 6th grade teachers. (Oh, lest I forget -- two bus drivers & one bus monitor...) Love them for what they're teaching my sons & all; but don't have it in the budget to buy them all $15 St.Arbucks cards.

I love me some biscotti! I'm not a "dunker" like my husband, I'm more of a "nibble & sip-er". Give me a cup of black coffee & a biscotti for breakfast,!

This year I only made six different flavors. (I was a little pressed for time, as I had some cranberry scones to prepare for my online bake sale.) I mixed up some Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Cranberry Orange,
Apricot Walnut
Frosted Pumpkin
 Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
and Gingerbread Almond
This was about 20 dozen.
Each bag holds two of each flavor 
to make a dozen biscotti to tempt the teacher to taste. 
(I also stuck in one of these in case he or she might be in dire need...)
Fitz can attest to how delish these cookies were, because I caught him on a chair next to the table attempting to filch a second Gingerbread Almond. (I found evidence of the first under the coffee table...)

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  1. Oh my goodness these all look so delicious!! We love Biscotti so we love love any of these.


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