January 6, 2014

some mo’ joe

My friend Sara had a yard sale last fall. I got a great deal on a slightly beat up canvas --  50¢!DSCN9128

DSCN9127It was the perfect size for a little project I had in mind for Keith’s coffee corner in my kitchen.DSCN9129I found a logo I liked and set up my lettering in the Silhouette software.DSCN9125I cut a stencil from the cheapie shelf vinyl.DSCN9121Let me tell you – that logo was a pain to “weed”! All those itty-bitty pieces! argh!DSCN9123Decided on a blue metalic-looking acrylic paint. Then I antiqued it a bit with some black glaze. DSCN9539The hubs still needs to hang it over the doorway; but for now his new sign rests atop the dusty cupboards.Soon it will take its place with the other signs:DSCN8565

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