November 26, 2010


Christmas Style

My youngest sister & I have pretty much polar opposite Christmas decor. My tree is usually angel-themed, Beverly does "COWBOY"!

However, I loved making her tree skirt!

I bought "Christmas Cowboy Boots" from Rease's Realistic Designs .
(I did customize the designs & colors to match her family's style!)

The rope alphabet I found at Embroidery Library . Perfect!

Bonus find on the fabric! It's kind of a knit faux suede. Beautiful! And I have yards & yards of a sort of ropey braided piping.
Here it is needing to be trimmed & lined.

At home in Las Vegas!

November 25, 2010

It's "in the cards"!

This morning I awoke to another chance to win "my" Silhouette machine.  This time the giveaway is on the Decor Chick! blog.

Aside from all the incredible Christmas gifts I could create in no time with this machine -- of course there are some additions needed for my wall.

Right here (as if you couldn't tell!)

I would use vinyl letters (different fonts, but we're using our imaginations here, right?) to do this:
But wait, there's more! This sweet machine also does heat transfers for fabric.  We could make this
look like this:
To recap: if I win, my family room could evolve to this:
Oh -- fingers crossed -- legs crossed...

November 24, 2010

Count-down to Christmas

I know it isn't yet Thanksgiving; but I wished to show you a finished project for my favorite kindergarten teacher. The designs all come from Embroidery Library . 

I made the advent calendar with tabs for Sara to hang in her classroom. 

Her students will enjoy placing the pieces in the stable.

(It's all about the Savior!)

I enjoyed using some specialty threads for angels & wise men.

After embroidering & cutting out all 25 pieces, I coated them with tacky glue to seal the back.
Next came the application of repositional adhesive.
Now all the felt will stay where placed.
Thank you, Sara, for teaching little ones about His birth!

November 23, 2010

Answer to my vinyl prayers!

Ha Ha Ha!!!
Just in time for Christmas, Beckie at  infarrantlycreative is
giving away! a Silhouette®!
I shall enter as many times as possible.  I have soooooo many projects just waiting... 

Like this one

( ^ Photoshopped! ^ )
  from here!

November 14, 2010


I have to admit I have a  c o b a l t  fetish. 

I believe I inherited it, along with a couple bottles, from my Grandma Long.

I've bought a few items,

but by far, my obsession collection exists because people who love me, gift me.

November 12, 2010

SUBWAY ART dabbling

I l.o.v.e. the way these look. But, I can't afford giant canvas... & I'm a terrible sign painter.  Therefore, I will compose a bit on my computer:

hmmmmm -- not liking the top... Guess it needs to be all caps to fill in the space, huh?  Back to the "drawing board", I guess.  While I'm at it, I'll work up one for the family room...

November 9, 2010

Blankie, Bunnies & Burps

Living in the Valley, one doesn't use a lot of blankets -- unless you're a baby.  I try to create my blankies for use year-'round.  This one for Baby-to-be-"M" uses a light pink Minkee & crisp cotton floral. It isn't apparent from the photo, but the roses are highlighted with shimmery gold -- which is why her monogram is gold thread.  I made the binding from one of three pink plaids.

I love this "Wee Bunny" pattern from weewonderfuls! I've used it for many 1-year-old-birthday gifts. The bunny for "M" uses pink plaids plus the rose print.  Gotta have Minkee ears!

I figured Bunny M needed a big sister "K". (I made a toddler quite happy: she took the bunny to bed the first night...)

I embroider the face so there are no buttons or whiskers to chew off! The pom-pom tail is stitched with upholstery thread. 
I am such a fan of raggy monograms! I texture that much.

This sweet blanket stitch applique flower from Sew-N-2-U pretties-up another burp.
Ahhh -- another baby gift wrapped up...
p.s. -- I didn't forget "Mom"...

November 8, 2010

Progress on U.F.O.s...

So, I've been asked about my wonderful playing cards I showed you here. 
I The Graphics Fairy!  I printed her three graphics on photo paper (ideal thickness for cards from the deck, b.t.w.) and found some frames from IKEA.

As my game-themed room is ever-evolving, it takes time for just the right inspiration to hit.  I was searching for the "perfect" ribbon to hang the 3 frames, but never found it.  Almost settled for gold wired ribbon, but held off.

God bless Hobby Lobby for having a 50%-off sale when I need one!  I had my 40% coupon in hand, but found the iron wall decor was half-off! WOOT!

But even better than that, I ran into MY chess pieces, for yes, 50%-off, as well.

Had to "fix" the knight & king:

I love it when a plan (starts to) come together...

Now, here's the progress on the side wall I showed you here ...