February 18, 2016

Matcha Macs with Honey Buttercream

EJteanhoneymatchaWhen our Improv Cooking Challenge moderator Lesa posted the 2016 monthly themes back in November, my eyes roved the list making mental notes of what recipe(s) I would attempt to complete. I cross-referenced with Pinterest pins that have been sitting unused for years… February’s challenge being TEA & HONEY, I decided I would finally try Brave Tart’s “nutless” macarons which utilize ground pepitas instead of almonds for the flour. Since they (pepitas/pumpkin seeds) are green-ish, matcha seemed the likely companion.EJteanhoneypepitasI first ordered matcha powder back in October. I’ve been gagging down trying to drink the stuff as part of my daily regimen. Usually I just bury its bitterness in our morning protein shake. So, maybe all that powdered sugar can tone it down…

I lightly toasted the pepitas and tossed them into my Blendtec along with the sugar & matcha. A couple seconds on low speed ground the mixture fine enough to pass through my sieve.EJteanhoneymacaronageThe egg whites whipped beautifully using Stella’s method of 3 minutes on “4”, then 3 minutes on “6”, 3 minutes on “8”, then a final minute on the highest speed.EJteanhoneypipedI piped the batter onto the waiting pans. (Because it’s been a year since I last made macarons, my rounds were a little off!) I loved that I could see the little green specks that were pepitas.EJteanhoneymatchedMacs were baked, cooled & matched.EJteanhoneybutterNext was filling them with the honey buttercream I’d whipped up the day before.EJteanhoneyfillToo late I realized the star tip made the beautiful filling quite ragged. Sad smile 

EJteanhoneyfilledOh well…Now for the taste test:EJteanhoneyhollowOh dear, they’re hollow this time. (In doing a little research I learned that those cute flecks of the seed might have deflated the meringue while baking…)

Here’s the recipe for the Pepita Matcha Macarons (not going to waste space here with the method, ‘cause you can find such detailed information on other sites.)

    • 115g lightly toasted pepitas
    • 1 T. matcha powder
    • 230g confectioners sugar
    • 144g egg whites
    • 2g Kosher salt
    • 72g granulated sugar

And here’s how I made my Honey Buttercream. (So delicious! It reminds me of the honeybutter my mom used to make when I was a kid!)

    • 4 egg yolks
    • 1/2 c. granulated sugar
    • 3/4 c. whole milk
    • 1 t. cornstarch

Whisk together in saucepan. Heat until it thickens, but don’t allow to boil. Cool to room temperature.

Beat 1 cup salted butter (softened to room temperature) in mixing bowl. Continue beating while adding spoonfuls of cooled custard alternating with drizzling in 1/4 cup honey. Whip until combined & smooth. Chill until use.

My fellas were allowed to taste the macarons after dinner tonight. Mixed reviews on the flavor of the cookie; but all of one accord praised the honey buttercream! (I even caught a couple of them dipping pretzels into the leftover filling…)

I used a locally produced honey that is soooooooooo deliciously sweet. EJhoneyIt is a Citrus/Mesquite Blossom honey that we use by the gallon!


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