January 19, 2017

Lemon Rosemary Sweet Potato Chips (done 2 ways)

January's Improv Cooking Challenge theme is Lemons & Rosemary. (Sure wish my lemon tree hadn't bitten the dust last year; but glad my rosemary topiary is still going strong!) We use both ingredients quite a bit when we grill. Especially love chicken & salmon with a touch of rosemary!

But I decided to go a different direction, probably influenced by the Christmas gift from the hubs which was a KitchenAid® Spiralizer! We sliced up a huge sweet potato (from my brother's garden -- thank you Mark!) using this handy gadget.
(kinda sorry to lose sweet potato to the core...)

this is how it looks right off the Spiralizer

you have to cut through the coil to make slices

Nothing smells better than sweet potatoes frying in some oil!
aren't they beautiful?

I'd made Lemon Rosemary & Garlic Sea Salt which we sprinkled over the fried sweet potato slices.

You can make the salt and store it for a long time,

simple ingredients

chopped so fine

dried in the oven

break up the chunky parts

We took the other half of the slices and tossed them in a lemon-rosemary sort of marinade.

We then dehydrated them according to our machine's directions.
I loved that I could taste the olive oil with the lemon & rosemary on the chips, but we were all disappointed in the texture.
Perhaps a finer slice would've worked better in our dehydrator. Anyhow. we've plenty of the dried chips leftover in a bowl; while the fried chips barely had time to cool & be salted...

If you're interested seeing the KitchenAid® Spiralizer Attachment in action, here's facebook live video we shot while making "zoodles" a couple weeks ago:

Pretty sure if you follow any of the links below from my friends you'll find plenty more delicious recipes using lemons & rosemary: