April 30, 2016

Quilt cat

DuncSee the cat.

duncan (quilt cat) (2)This cat loves quilts.duncan (quilt cat) (3)

The cat is on the quilt.duncan (quilt cat) (1)

The cat naps.duncan (quilt cat) (5)

The cat is in the way!duncan (quilt cat)

This cat loves vintage quilts.duncan (quilt cat) (4)

The dog naps on the chaise.duncan (quilt cat) (1)The cat naps on the quilt.

duncan (quilt cat) (6)Silly cat.

duncan (quilt cat) (7)Silly, silly cat.

My 6th Blogiversary…

blogtitleSix years ago I started blogging here.4tics2003My friend Carolyn got me into it. (She’s the one in the center in light blue. We met during rehearsals (& me helping with her costuming) of our church’s Christmas Dinner Theatre in 2003.

Carolyn (or Ceekay, as she was known to her many blogging friends/followers) started blogging in 2008 while undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. She also had a blog named My Journey With Teal addressing her box

My friend won her battle with that ugly cancer, achieving ultimate freedom from her war-torn body, and entered heaven in September.


I miss her.

I miss the comments she would leave on a blog post. I miss reading her blog & following her travel adventures, or her restoration of a vintage travel trailer, her beautiful tablescapes… the list goes on.  Carolyn inspired me in so many ways – I guess that’s why I’ve let my blog lapse a little.

So, I’ve set a goal of becoming more faithful to blog my story. We’ll see if I survive the upcoming graduation & party in May – STAY TUNED!!

April 22, 2016

Pão de Queijo com presunto

ej ham'n'cheeseApril’s been a busy month; so I was grateful the ingredients for the Improv Cooking Challenge were simple. The real challenge with HAM & CHEESE in this house is keeping it stocked! We had a bit of ham leftover from Easter, so I made our first attempt early in the month. I tried a second one with slightly varied ingredients about a week after, but the end result of that one was not so good. Third triumphant endeavor was this morning…ej ham'n'cheese (3)In researching gluten-free breads for the past few years I’d come across this recipe many times, but never made it because I assumed it would require too much effort. I was wrong ~ these are quite simple to make. The most difficult thing about them is keeping yourself from inhaling devouring consuming gobbling eating the entire batch!ej ham'n'cheese (5)The base “flour” for these goodies is tapioca starch. That is what makes the inside of the roll so deliciously chewy. I used Bob’s Red Mill Tapioca Flour for this first batch. The second notanywherenearsuccessful try was made with arrowroot (because I read a couple recipes which indicated they used that & it worked!) but the inside was terribly gummy. (Problem solved after baking by splitting & toasting…) For the third time’s a charm batch today, I simply used a bag of tapioca starch I bought at the Asian market for 79¢ !ej ham'n'cheese (18)The cheese in our first bread was a Medium Cheddar. Second one we used Swiss (at the request of the youngest fella…) Today I used Pepper Jack!ej ham'n'cheese (29)The rolls today omitted the ham and were baked on silicon sheets ~ now I have some delicious sandwich rounds!ej-ham'n'cheese

Here are some more HAM & CHEESE recipes from the Challenge: