February 27, 2013

You pin? I pin too!

FaviconLast week when Ike  Ike’s mom  Michelle from Décor and the Dog announced there would be a Pinterest Challenge, I was still having withdrawals from the mad dash of costuming for my son’s school play. I figured it would be too hard to choose a “pin” and be creative at this juncture…

pinterest-challenge-bannerBut here I am…Picture1I’d been pinning “altered bottles” for some time. But then I ran across this one by Barb of “Treasures from the Heart.” Her Psalm 139 bottles reminded me that for a long time I’ve wanted to do something with the verse Psalm 56:8 where David says,"You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” (NLT)

Here’s what I did:bottleAnd then I:Picture5(thank you, Graphics Fairy!)heartDo you ever feel like your oft-broken heart is just held together with gold jewelry wire? I’m overwhelmed by the fact that God cares for each tear that rolls down my cheek! I love the language of the King James Bible, so that’s what I used for my tag:DSCN6835Well, here she is:DSCN6874Linking up to the Pinterest Challenge with Megan (The Remodeled Life), Katie (Bower Power), Sherry (Young House Love) and Michelle (Decor and the Dog).


February 21, 2013

A Gluten-Free Linzer Cookie

Soooooooo, this Improv Challenge is all about hearts &flours”… which gives me the perfect opportunity to try out some more GF options in nut or grain meals & flours.DSCN6663My boys had been asking for “those heart cookies with raspberry jam that you haven’t made in a long time” but I wanted to make a shortbread to use with my clay mold.DSCN6713Turns out, fortunately because my cookies did not (turn out, that is…)  the dough worked for both. Perhaps shortbread molds work better with traditional butter & wheat flour dough, huh?DSCN6720Since it baked up slightly puffy, I had great hopes for a nice base for my Linzer cookie.doughThe dough is a little sticky once it warms up from refrigeration, so I found it best to roll between sheets of plastic wrap. (With the first batch I placed the cut-outs in the freezer for 20 minutes prior to baking. Then it took forever for them to bake! The second batch I baked directly after cutting them out & they turned out just fine.)DSCN6633This, according to my youngest, is the most important ingredient of all!cookieAfter the cookies have cooled, we topped the bases with the spread.doneOf course, a bite sneaky taste quality control test was next. I loved that I could taste the cream cheese in the cookie, & that the sweetness was just right after being topped with the spread.DSCN6721I contemplated drizzling the hearts with melted chocolate, but there seemed to be plenty of that going around…DSCN6669Here’s my recipe for the dough:2recipe

February 15, 2013

...just a little teaser...

His play is next week, so I've been sew busy!

February 8, 2013

his birthday baklava

We celebrated our oldest son turning nineteen last month. He chose homemade pizza for dinner (we had 5 guests…) and wanted baklava for dessert.DSCN6514The pizza was special, because we haven’t made that in forever – since I embarked on this gluten-freeness that is no fun for family celebrations!

The baklava was my labor of love, as anyone who has ever made it will attest!DSCN6500I bought my dough at a local grocery. chocalWe decided to make it a chocolate almond baklava.DSCN6501I used coconut oil instead of butter between the layers of pastry.DSCN6505I also added finely shredded unsweetened coconut to the filling mixture.afillThe almonds were toasted then slightly chopped before their addition to the mixing bowl. I didn’t use much sugar in the filling because of how sweet the syrup will make it when it’s done. I sprinkled a portion of the filling every 3rd or 4th layer.DSCN6509Look at the precision on those diamond cuts!  GAH!DSCN6512Filling turned out a bit “fudgy” – yum!