January 16, 2014

Black Bean Crackers with Jalapeño Popper Dip

That game above all games is set to be played in a couple weeks. My f.i.l. purchased a new TV before Christmas, anticipating his team being there.
Since I wouldn’t desire to be anywhere near MetLife Stadium in February, we will do our tailgating indoors!
What better time, Kristen, to try out new Cheese & Cracker recipes, huh? Smile
As I was serving a crock of slow-cooker black beans to my sons the other day, I told them not to eat it all because I needed a little for the crackers I would be making with roasted red peppers. My youngest exclaimed, “You will be adding roasted garlic, right?!” So… credit given for inspiration, Harrison!ejblackbeanFor the crackers you can use a food processor to whirl all but the rice flour, then transfer to saucepan to heat. I thought it would be much simpler to just toss everything into my little pan then use the hand blender to chop.ejdoughAfter the rice flour is stirred into the boiled ingredients, it’s time to roll the crackers out on the silicone baking mat. (or however you’ve prepare your pan)ejcrackersI simply score the dough with the pizza wheel before transferring pan to oven.ejtoastedAfter baking 15-30 minutes (it really depends on how thin you want to roll them & how crisp you wish the crackers to be) they are turned into another pan and toasted for about 5 minutes.ejcrackers
I love this dip/spread. Next time I have been requested by the hubs to use more jalapeños – I just didn’t want to offend anyone’s palate this first try…ejjaladipThis topping is quite delicious! I will have to try it as a breading for something fried one of these days.ejtopping
I will probably double this recipe next week; and prepare but freeze for baking just before the BIG GAME.poprdprecipeOh! and next time I bake crackers I’ve been requested to add chipotlé.blkbnrecipe
Such a delicious combo!elisabethjeanPlease check out some other cheese & cracker participants:


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed with your crackers, Melody! They look like store-bought. The dip sounds perfect for a football party. Enjoy!

  2. A rice chex cracker is brilliant. Oh! And having read your comment on the Brie en Croute, look for a gf version on my blog next week on Tuesday. It's all scheduled and ready to go.

  3. Both your crackers and your dip sound and look amazing. I have never made crackers, but I see that has to change now that I see your yummy looking ones. Thanks for 2 great recipes!

  4. Love the homemade crackers- love the inclusion of black beans. Looks yummy!


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