September 24, 2011

Gotta ♥ "spirit week"...

How does dressing 50's style help you win the football game?  My dad was asking me that way back in the 70's when I was dressing with a poodle skirt & bobby socks. I was quite offended, then... 
My younger sons had "Spirit Week" at their schools this past week.  Wouldn't you know, as we were scrambling every morning for costumes, I asked the same question.
Fortunately, since I dyed the dog purple, the eldest boy has Homecoming Week starting Monday. (You can stay tuned to this channel for pictures of Mr. HandsomeZach with his date Miss CutieEmily...)

September 17, 2011

"FOOTBALL MOM" t-shirt

So... at times my son forgets to bring home his jersey for me to wear to his game.  (of course, sometimes he does & it's just too hot to wear...) Many of the moms wear a "bedazzled" shirt with a school logo. Some had shirts screen-printed with their son's name & number. Whatever -- I decided to make my own.
The hubs graciously purchased a sale t-shirt from Tar-jay. I measured & did a little figuring...
I printed out the font I liked...
I got out my ribbon...
I stitched the ribbon to the paper...

I pinned the paper to my shirt...I sewed the be-ribboned paper to the shirt...

I was too eager to see what it would look like finished, so I tore some of the paper away...
I completed the stitching & gently removed the rest of the paper, rinsing away the hanging chads that insisted on staying behind.
I wore my shirt with pride to the football game that night!

My life is full...

September 11, 2011

forever changed

I will never forget that phone call from my husband as I was readying my sons for breakfast. 
He told me to watch the news. I turned the TV on, as so many did, just as the second plane was hitting. 
I watched and moaned in horror as debris and bodies flew out the other side of that building... as smoke started filling the sky I rocked and groaned "Dear Jesus, dear Jesus, dear Jesus..." At the age of seven, my oldest could barely grasp the significance of the tragedy; and of course, my three- and one-year-old were upset only because of my wailing.
"What's wrong, Mom? What's wrong?"

All I could think of were those thousands of souls perishing without a Savior.

September 7, 2011

Happy Adoption Day, Auggie!

watching for the boys to come home
Love you, our sweet lhasapoo.  
drinking from my cup
You have been such a joy this past year. 
September 7, 2010
Your little tricks for treats make us smile, every time... 
"Wait'll we get our Hanes on you..."
We might have chosen you at the Humane Society, but you've rescued us from a life of boredom!
not liking the new hoodie

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Thank you for being the best dog!
doesn't like the pool, so he rolls in the dirt

Acting like a cat, reading books with H.

favorite spot to nap is on top of clean laundry

September 5, 2011

Just for me!

Once upon a time, a very good friend gave me some delightful napkins from her vintage linen stash.
I have been saving them for just the right monogram. God bless dear Sonia Showalter who designed the perfect monogram. Her Fleur de Lis II Alphabet was precisely the design my beloved napkins were awaiting. I printed out the design for my template.
I decided its placement on the napkin.
(Also had to figure out how the napkins would fit within my hoop.) 
I couldn't hoop it by the fringe, so I had to determine which rinse-away stabilizer I should use.
Placed the hooped stabilizer in the machine and maneuvered the napkin into the proper placement.
Basted the napkin in place.
Silver background stitching is finished.
Here you can see how Sonia just builds that gorgeous frame.
Frame completed, now ready for "S". I decided to embroider that in white also.
TA - DA!
The napkin will be used mostly with our white Mikasa stoneware...
but looks very nice with the vintage Franciscan Desert Rose & silverplate inherited from the hub's grandmothers.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm --