December 15, 2010

Santa "Peakies"

Well now, I can show a couple, 'cause they were delivered today.

My good friend Sarah takes my oldest to school every morning. She teaches Kindergarten & has a snowman fetish collects snowmen.  When I saw some prim-y winter designs coming from Stephanie @ HeartStrings Embroidery I knew I had to do something for Sarah with them. First, I thought I would do a pillow with

but then I saw

and knew I had to use all three!

So, I found her a hoodie & went to work.  I modified the "sampler" with a heart so she can wear it through Valentine's Day, at least...

She loves it & wore it to work today.

Santa was also busy in the kitchen, whipping up teacher gifts:

(And yes, those are 7-inch cinnamon rolls...)

December 9, 2010


Santa's busy in the workshop -- that's why I haven't posted lately...

I am working on Auggie's stocking, and since "the Aug doesn't blog," I can post pictures when it's finished. I love the fact that it's "crazy-quilted" in my embroidery machine. That's sooooooooo much easier than wrestling even a crib-sized through a machine by hand.


That's why I do so many "raggy" quilts:  embroider - sew blocks - snip - wash - dry - DONE!

Oh! This one I was able to piece the photo blocks in my embroidery machine...
...but had "sew" much fun with the quilting of the entire quilt!

I don't think I'll ever do one this large, ever again!

December 2, 2010

Favorite Christmas Pictures:

"Somebody" was trying to impress the bachelor-pad roomies... This was our first Christmas -- 20 years ago!

I believe this is my absolute all-time favorite! Sixteen years ago at JCPenney's photo studio, my nephew (in the green) and son  were 1 year old & 10 months old. They were quite tired of this whole studio thing...

Cutest elf, ever! This was middle son's 6-month portrait. How I loved that outfit (but youngest son hated it!)

Little H was just a month old...

I think this was the last portrait session we ever had at Penneys...

It's all about the Savior! My son a.d.o.r.e.d the little "Mary" & couldn't take his eyes off her the entire time he was on stage.

Oh! to have that child-like faith and allow the manger to be the focus of the season...