January 9, 2014

Spending Christmas together

Many people are unable to celebrate holidays with the ones they love.spending time at the grandparents'Time, distance, death, bad choices and/or consequences of sin can cause the “circle to be broken”…grandma & grandpaI was blessed this year through technology to transcend the time & distance issue.borrowed your picMy loved one is over seven thousand miles and eleven time zones away; yet we were able to re-create a bit of our growing-up years by playing a flute/piano duet.

Scan0009(playing in the “dark ages”)

Growing up in a small church we had many musical opportunities – Christmas Eve service would afford our family chances to sing or play instruments, in varying configurations. (4 kids, 5 instruments, 6 vocalists or any combination thereof… you can do the math…)old5Daddy was regularly requested to sing “Gesu Bambino” – my mom accompanied him for years until I could pound it out on the keys.



So, on a busy pre-Christmas Friday morning I opened this note in my email. Quick internet search brings me to suitable music.gesubambinoI eventually came to the conclusion that the easiest way to send her the accompaniment was to record it off my Yamaha keyboard and upload it to YouTube.

I did not have the opportunity of hearing her “play with me,” but she sent word that it went well. I was blessed; and I pray the people she played for were touched as well.old1I love you, Sister! Thank you for the occasion to spend a little time together.


  1. Aww, glad I decided to catch up on your blog! Let's do it again, now that we aren't so many time zones apart.


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