May 17, 2018

today is **PIE** day

( I was never good at mathing... I'm a little better at calendaring -- so I DO know that today is not March 14th )

Fortunately I was able to get to my mom's to use her mighty Cuisinart for the pie crusts.
While I was there she loaded me with pecans from my dad's trees.

(Just look at the difference between his & Costco's!)

I also figured since she'd been baking her way to Daddy's heart for some 60 years now; I'd nab her secret family recipe for his favorite pecan pie.

...turns out the secret recipe belongs to the Betty Crocker family! posted from Bloggeroid

May 11, 2018


Oh, dear little blog, don't go into shock as I've not connected with you since November... Just get ready for a flood of posts to make up for it!

Here we are prepping for another graduation party. OUR VERY LAST HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION!

This time, however, our "dipped Oreos•" will not be covered in ghastly-sweet candy melts!

The executive decision was made to use plain ol' dark chocolate instead...

(Now to find room in the fridge to store these bad boys for a couple weeks!)

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