February 4, 2014

his “kurse”

Dear hubs got himself a Kindle for Christmas. He researched cases and bought a nice leather-like one with an electronic clasp that switches the device on when opened.DSCN9730It looks pretty nice, but might be a little hard to handle if you’re trying to get out the door while juggling a laptop bag, lunch box, truck keys and mug of coffee… Well - - I just figured a guy might need some help.

Reen of Embroidery Garden created a design that was my ultimate solution. Her “hipster” is the perfect size for the Kindle.DSCN9702I rummaged through my stash to find a manly fabric and came up with a blue soft flannel plaid, and masculine striped suit lining.DSCN9703The bag flew together like nothing (if you subtract the time spent cutting fabric, standing in line at Lowe’s to buy D-rings, taxiing boys to school, play practice & karate…)DSCN9706My model is 6’ 7” and the bag crosses to ride nicely on his hip.DSCN9732One of his sons remarked, “Hey Dad, nice purse!”

To which he replied, “It’s a murse. It’s for my Kindle.”

“Oh, so it’s a Kurse?”

Serendipitously, my feller found another use for the Kurse:DSCN9705



  1. Love that you made your 'mister' a hipster :)

  2. Got one for a shot gun--how about a poppy kurse!

  3. Finally, a use for my machine that made my hubby smile and nod in agreement!


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