January 4, 2012

December Embroideries

sooooooooo . . .

Just where did 2011 go?

I managed to get a little embroidering done for a few small gifts. 

First up was a tea cozy made from a vintage (cutter) quilt. It was kinda tough embroidering because the ?batting(?) was balled & bunched up in different places. (When I rinsed out the stabilizer I also dissolved some of whatever fibers were in there -- weird!)
(I'll probably add some more pics of the entire cozy at a later date.)
I love my new flatware design from Embroidery Library
I did quite a few towel sets for the various households in the family.

(Also did a simple hand appliqué on some bar towels for a hand towel.)
I embroidered a snuggle-soft blanket/throw for the in-laws. They moved here from Colorado over Thanksgiving and are hoping to close escrow on their new home in Surprise soon.
I did a tea light set for my sweet friend Sara. I used all white felt to mimic a porcelain nativity. 
I trust you had a blessed Christmas season, and are enjoying a fabulous start to 2012.

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