January 27, 2012

loving my boy

Eighteen years ago I lost my heart to this "little" man.
(That's because twenty-one years ago I gave my to this guy.)
What a blessing it has been.
I'm looking forward to his bright future,
but not looking forward to his graduation from NCS. (They just don't make mascara water-proof enough for that...)
Tonight we'll have a pizza party. Just our local families and his girlfriend & her family.
He requested Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars in lieu of birthday cake. I made a double batch of the caramel sauce...
Happy birthday, Zachman.
You'll never know how much you are loved, until you hold one of your own...

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  1. What a handsome young man he has become. You are indeed blessed!

  2. Lovely post and bautifully written. Tears in my eyes just reading it <3

  3. What a lovely heart warming post...congrats on his graduation.


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