January 10, 2012

un-Christmas gifts

My favorite gifts are the "just because" gifts. Not required by the holiday, birthday, or anniversary...
These gifts say, "I was thinking of you."  These gifts are from the heart & speak to my heart. They could be extravagant or picked up from a dumpster. 

My lil' sis knows me well. She knows my heart. She knows I am a lace & pearl romantic, and have a wedding shrine in my bedroom. She knows I love wedding gowns of all shapes & sizes, and have a small collection of them. 
My sweet sister happened across two and brought them down for me over Christmas. 
the lace -- the ribbon -- the chiffon -- the horse-hair braid in the hems... 
She also knew that if I didn't want the gowns themselves, I'd certainly find a way to use the fabrics.
Thank you, Beverly! 

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