June 4, 2011

just another baby quilt...

My cousin & his wife just had their first baby last week. She is an adorable cherub!

I'd been wishing to try a little "whole-cloth" quilting +  I had some new designs I needed to use = o.p.p.o.r.t.u.n.i.t.y.

I chose these animal designs for their simplistic nature.
I embroidered 9 animals on my peach fabric. (I had to wait until sweet girlie was born to find out her name in order to embroider it on the bottom corner...) I chose my colors from the fabric I decided on for backing.
After the embroidery was finished I used templates to draw my starting circles for the beginning of my "echo" quilting. Next I tacked on the batting & backing. I set up my machine with a slightly lengthened stitch.

When the binding was finished, I tossed the quilt into the washer & dryer for their magic touch. Now it's time for the "photo shoot". 

(really ♥ed that turquoise goat!)

(No, the stitching isn't blurred... )

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