June 18, 2011

Love my Daddy!

He's an amazing man -- a one-armed farm boy turned preacher turned school administrator turned teacher turned principal turned substitute... A regular jack-of-all-trades along the way. There is nothing Daddy cannot do. (Well, since he's "retired", there are some things he chooses not to do.)
He's a mathematician extraordinaire, a hunter, a singer, a tinkerer, a fixer... He does a bit of wood-working in his spare time. Here are a few items from his portfolio:
I treasure the time I was able to spend with him assembling my college graduation gift: 
 There are no words to describe the precious oak cradle he crafted for Harrison:
My boys love their "Poppy" & wish they could spend more time camping with him:
Daddy has always been there to support me - rescue me when a car breaks down, bring my boys home from school... give me away on the most important night of my life:
(...goofing off at wedding rehearsal...)
I love you, Daddy! Thank you for being the most wonderful second-most-important man in my life.

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  1. I remember seeing your Dad drive kids to a mission trip in his pickup truck. I marveled at how he could drive and shift with only one arm. I guess you're right - he can do anything!


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