May 28, 2011

"Quickie" birthday gift for a boy

Have you seen these awesome towels at Costco?

Well, I hadn't. (And wasn't it "special" to have the check-out gal tell me yeah - we had a $3-off coupon for those that expired two weeks ago...  ummmm -- thanks?)

(Did you see the SIZE of this?)

So, I gets me towel home; & while my guys were off doing this

I set about the difficult time-consuming arduous task of monogramming. Yes, the time spent creating the design can easily be double (for a simple thing like 3 letters...) the amount of time the embroidery machine is running.

I decided to use script appliqué for his name. Not over-joyed by the look of the capital "I", oh well...

Because it is quite difficult to hoop a heavy towel (ok, near impossible) I hooped a medium tear-away then basted the towel & WSS topper after it was in the machine. (Because the loops in terry cloth can poke through embroidery, you've got to use some kind of a topping... The topper also helps when trimming appliqués. )

Embroider letter outlines

Trim close to stitching

Return to machine to finish the satin-stitching around each appliqué

Clean-up on reverse

Trim away excess WSS

Rinse WSS & dry towel

Fold, wrap & give your gift!


  1. Love it! Too bad we don't have a Costco near us. In fact, I'm not really sure they have them in Florida at all. You can make one for me anytime though!

  2. That is terrific. I sure could use some nice beach towels for my daughter's camp!~
    Thanks for sharing - you did a terrific job,


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