June 9, 2011

Things I'm loving...

I'm loving that 19 years ago, this wonderful man made me his wife.

(It was quite an occasion -- the children's choir I'd accompanied for 4 years sang "The Lord's Prayer" & my favorite male soprano from that choir sang "O Perfect Love". Then my daddy prayed the sweetest blessing over us... I could go on and on about the best day of my life... You should've been there!)
I'm loving the month of June for weddings!  A year ago we were blessed to bear witness for this beautiful couple tying their knot on our anniversary.
I'm loving that the afternoon before our anniversary this year, these sweet kids will be saying "I do!" We were quite honored to receive an invitation to this event.
I'm loving that IncrediHubs is taking me away to the ocean for a few days...
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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Stunning pics.

  2. Have fun at the wedding...and Happy Anniversary!...and no, I won't be doing the limbo. I'd like to see that myself!!


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