June 8, 2011

A Special Gift

My sister's birthday was mdjhe  owuierhths  qpotusf ummmmmmm -- only two months ago... Since she lives a few hours from here, it makes it a little difficult to "party" & I'm usually too cheap  stingy  tight frugal to ship things. I did make her a birthday card:
(little "Subway Art" for the card...)
So, this past weekend I had time to finish the project that I'd started way back in March.

Beverly & our Grandma Hull had a connection. (Being the youngest of the family, I'm sure there was some extra baby-sitting going on.) Grandma was a baker. I am fortunate to have inherited some of her well-worn, well-loved, & well-stained recipe cards. For some inexplicable reason, the top card on the stack was Grandma's recipe for her notorious Peanut Butter Cookies. That was one of their connections. 
(yup, that's Grandma's handwriting)
I don't know if Beverly got to bake them with her while being "sat" or if it occured during her "learn-to-bake" process. (I promise, I won't say a word about putting 1/2 cup vanilla into your banana milkshake, Sis...) I do know that during her college years & first few years of marriage, Beverly was the frequent recipient of Peanut Butter Cookie care packages from Grandma.

I found my "floating frame" at Michael's. It is soooo plain, I thought maybe I should "jazz" it up a little. But, I wanted the focus to be on Grandma's card, so I left it.

(back view of recipe card)
I opened up my embroidery software & typed up Grandma's recipe. I knew I wanted it on a dishtowel, but didn't want to embroider directly on the flour sack fabric (which tends to pull & stretch with this amount of lettering.) After choosing cloth for the lettering & the appliqué I got to work.
(my cookie even has "fork-y criss-crosses")
Happy Birthday, Beverly!

(Now Beth wants me to do Grandma's "Cherry Winks" recipe for her...)


  1. Love it and it holds such special memories of my wonderful Grandmother. Thanks sissy and it is okay that it was late...worth it totally!! Beverly

  2. even though i didnt really know my great grandmother, i have heard so many great stories!!! aunt Mimi your talents are really awesome and i hope you keep on working on new acomplishments this is really, really, really cool and hopefully my mom can redecorate our kitchen in cookies.....hehe..

    <3 anna+


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