August 1, 2013

where DID July go?

In order to ‘splain that, Lucy… we have to go back to the month of June. I’m going to let my good friend Instagram tell the story:

IMG_20130616_092118On June 16th, Fathers’ Day, my boys & I drove to the airport. We were dropping off Zach, our oldest, so he could fly to Colorado Springs to attend a 2-week session of Summit. I was quite worried because a) He had a tight plane/terminal switch in Salt Lake City,  b) It’s the first time he’s flown commercially in about 18 years, and c) HE’S FLYING ALONE.

IMG_20130616_093231And then, HORRORS! I didn’t really hug him good-bye. We were waiting while he was moseying along the fenced trail for security & I figured I’d be near him one more time. Not so. From far, far away I texted him when I realized what had happened. He smiled as he knew I was crying by then.

Well, we survived his flight. He had a marvelous time in Manitou Springs. (a little more on that later…)

IMG_20130621_180708On the 21st of June, Keith took us to a little Thai restaurant in Tempe. (I always order Pad See Ew, of course…) We were going to finish off my birthday celebration with a viewing of “Monsters University” but we opted for shopping instead.

June 28 the hubs & I headed out for a quick trip north to pick up Zach from his conference. I posted some quick temperature updates from various towns to tease our Phoenix folk who were suffering the hottest weekend of the year:IMG_20130628_171630The mountains of Southern Colorado (Garden of the Gods in this shot…) have an indescribable beauty:

IMG_20130629_111755We retrieved our son from the marvelously ancient hotel headquarters of Summit.1001477_10152975533705481_1686968502_n(not my photo! This is Zach’s session of Summit. He’s standing 3rd from the right on the back row…)

We were delighted to tour the rooms where some of the most incredible minds of our day poured into the heart of our son!IMG_20130629_114642We also managed to have dinner with a dear couple from our church we haven’t seen in years! IMG_20130629_181707(We were blessed to spend the night at their house & to use their internet the next morning so Keith could work on a client issue… Sad smile)

We hit the road & drove through some amazing thunderstorms throughout New Mexico. I captured this amazing rainbow while waiting for our dinner on a patio in Albuquerque.IMG_20130630_193543Well, that takes us through the end of June. July 1st we arrived home & I will write about the rest of the month tomorrow…


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  1. Glad to hear that Zach's home safe. Which kid is going to give you a mild case of anxiety next?


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