August 2, 2013

where DID July go–part deux

I believe I left you after an amazing rainbow following amazing thunderstorms in NM, huh? (I am amazingly literate!)

Anyhow, we spent July 4th with dear friends Pauline & Ray & their family. We made a taco bar with all kinds of yummy toppings.

I also made a gluten-free, sugar-free strawberry pie.

The boys had fun splashing all the gals sitting ‘round the pool.

Afterwards, we got a little crazy with the fireworks display!

Sunday, July 7th was another huge milestone for me. On this day I had to again have farewells with my oldest. I got them out of the way at home so I wouldn’t be sobbing at church.

Well, that didn't work -- I cried at church, too.
After that prayer (which I had to cut short 'cause I was crying) 15 young people boarded the vans for the airport to head to Romania.

If you notice the date, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash-landed the morning prior -- so you know what kind of thoughts were running through this mama's head... But God is good. He calmed my fears.

I won't write the Romania stories here, for they are not mine to tell. I cannot wait for the Sunday evening when the team shares the incredible experiences over the 10 day mission.

But, here's my boy when they got back to Sky Harbor at 11:00 p.m. on the 16th:

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  1. What a great 4th of July, so glad your adorable son got home safe and sound



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