August 14, 2013

where DID July go? – fine (pronounced fee'-nay)

After Zach returned on the 16th, we had a couple days to ready ourselves for Keith’s sister & her 2 daughters  who would arrive from NC on the 20th. They were to stay with the grandparents in Surprise, but most activities would originate from our house.

The best day was when we fixed tea party/Star Wars food:ladybugsThere were ladybug cookies,princessprincess ham & cheese sandwicheszachan ogre devouring ladybugstieand “Tie-Fighter Ties”gamersThere were a couple intense Xbox Kinect competitions as well…

Early Friday morning (the 26th) Keith & I headed for the gorgeous White Mountain area around Greer.DSCN7856I’m just going to leave you with a couple “teaser” pics, ‘cause this little trip will take up quite a few blog posts…DSCN7866



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