August 15, 2013

Dark Chocolate-covered, Vanilla Bean Cream-filled Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

(…tried to think of a catchy name for them, but did not succeed… maybe you could help?)cookieI would be lying if I told you I wasn’t drooling excited when Kristen announced the ingredients for the August Improv Challenge:basket

I had pinned this recipe for gluten-free Thin Mints some time ago & I figured it would make an excellent base for my cookie. (I do realize oatmeal is not OK for all GF eaters. I’m going to try this recipe again without grains.) DSCN8254After I ground some oatmeal (yep – didn’t have time to run to the store for some Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal Flour…)and sifted it, this is how I made the cookie:ejchcookierecWhen I got to thinking about a nice, creamy vanilla filling; I somewhat shuddered at the thought of the traditional shortening/sugar fluff. Then I remembered seeing some glorious recipes for vanilla bean cream cheese – A-HAH! Perfect!DSCN8260I wanted to taste vanilla and cream cheese, so I used Stevia in place of honey or powdered sugar. DSCN8247Being sweet-deprived relatively sugar-free this was perfect for me! Here’s what I mixed:ejvanfilrec

readyAfter “sandwiching” the cookies, I made sure they were well-chilled then I dipped them in about a pound of dark chocolate melted with almost a tablespoon of coconut oil.meltyLiving in the desert (where summer’s still going strong) one has to decide whether to snap pictures of chocolates with a little refrigerator bloom on them, or melty fingerprints…printBut, despite their appearance, these little cookies were absolute nuggets of joy! The sweetness of the dark chocolate coating made up for the lack of sugar in the cookie & filling. I loved the slightest tangy flavor of the vanilla-ed  cream cheese.DSCN8281YUM!


Please be sure to check out other bloggers’ links to their chocolate & vanilla creations.


  1. Ahhhh, gotta have one!!! Okay, dumb question, but what's a "g" in measurement. a gram? What does a gram equal?

    Can sugar be substituted equally for Stevia?


  2. Wow, my family would go nuts for these! LIke Oreos on steroids!!! YUM.

  3. Oh yum! These look so tasty! Great use of vanilla and chocolate!

  4. Dipped oreos gone gluten free. You are my hero.

  5. You completely sold me at 'vanilla bean cream cheese'.

  6. Oh these look INCREDIBLE! I think sandwich cookies are all the rage in baking lately! I think I'd call these 'oreos you have nothing on me' cookies! Love that vanilla bean cream cheese filling, too!

  7. Yum this looks good- reminds me of a chocolate covered Oreo- which is never a bad thing!

  8. Just mouthwatering...looks delicious!

  9. Great cookies! They wouldn't last a day with my kids.


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