August 15, 2013

summer craftiness

My summer wasn’t all fun & games… Somebody around here had to get a little work done.DSCN8240So I embroidered a pair of tea towels for my sweet Aunt Faith. DSCN8190I made a pink ribbon bracelet for dear friend Sara.ejetchI etched a bunch of glass bottles! (…even googled the Portugese word for oil and personalized a decanter for Aunt Margaret “azeite”)DSCN7847I combined some embroideries and buttons onto a pillow for a wedding gift.ej3cardsI crafted a card or two.DSCN7543I etched glass for a graduation photo frame for my niece.ejpaintfailI tried to use the proper paint & technique to personalize a glass cookie jar for my mom. DSCN8230But failed, so I ended up etching it.DSCN8231(Like my “green” gift-wrap?)DSCN7746I made personalized map for a friend’s birthday. (Darn it! Glass is sooooo hard to photograph without glare…)

OK! I see you yawning & hear the snoring – I’ll cease with the show-and-tell.



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  1. The "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar" jar now contains part of my collection of fabric apples--not as much temptation to steal. Thank you my Sweet ♪♫♪♫.


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