August 1, 2013

Put the Lime in a Coconut Cream Pie

limeyHaving nothing better to do (bwah-ha-ha-HA!) I decided to enter my adaptation of Kristan’s Mini Coconut Cream Pies into the Creative Recipe Contest hosted by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and Cookies and Cups!

cqWhile I enjoy a good, custardy coconut cream pie, my best half does not. What he does enjoy is a good Key Lime Pie. Voilà! Our compromise sounded like a song:

“…you're such a silly woman, put a lime in the coconut…”

Instead of purchasing refrigerated pie crust (which you are certainly welcomed to do…) I made mine gluten free. It was simple to whip up with karate hands  a food processor  two knives my trusty pastry blender.(seriously! from chilled butter to dough disks took me maybe 10 minutes by hand…)ejdough1

If you were wondering how I baked my shells…

ejbakedFor my custard base I opted to use a “Honey Pastry Cream” recipe which I created last year. It is a great gluten-free alternative to Kristan’s filling recipe.

ejfillingWhat I did not alter was her judicious use of melted chocolate chips spread across the bottom crust to inhibit sogginess from the filling! oh. yeah. baby. (I might or might not have skipped the “brushing” part & went straight to spooning chocolate in the shell…) Smile with tongue out

ejchocolateNobody is a big fan of meringue here in the Shingler cottage. (Never mind the fact that I’d probably burn the house down trying to gently brown it & the coconut…) Decision was made to create Lime Whipped Cream sweetened with honey to top the little pies. (Please forgive the melted appearance of the piped whip – our high today was about 109°…)

ejwhippedejpie1Verdict from my unbiased taste-testers ranged from “yuweleafum” (spoken around some chocolate-coated crumbs) to “Wow! Pretty good, Mom.” & “Hmmmm -- are you sure it’s gluten free? ‘Cause it doesn’t taste bad.” Now, I didn’t check the dessert plates in the sink closely, but I’m pretty sure they were licked clean!



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