April 23, 2012

very special day

My boys had their Spring Breaks (3 boys, 3 different schools, 2 different schedules...) during the middle two weeks of last month. Kinda sad that they weren't off any around Easter. (Wait, one boy did have Good Friday off...)
My sis messaged me a couple weeks back that she and her youngest would be in town during their break last week. She said that the-one-nicknamed-the-Frass wished to spend one of her days off with me and learn how to sew; particularly make a purse like the one I made for her mom here. (more here, too...)

I know, I know... Purses & patterns are not great beginner projects. But I felt it was important for her to love her creation while she was learning the process.
The Frass chose a different fabric for each cut from purple colorway.
She wanted the purse to be reversible, too. That took some extra planning -- but we nailed it!

Anyhow, I asked her to cut out a couple of the easy pieces. What was taking her so long? "Aunt Mimi, do you have any other scissors?" "Sweetie ~ those are my best Fiskars, What's wrong with them?" At this point my sis says, "Maybe we should've borrowed some scissors from Grandma." (Poor girl, both her grandmothers are left-handed. oh... wait...)  D'oh!
ummmmm -- had the same trouble teaching her to pin...
Stitching shouldn't be so problematic, right? (I do believe the problem lies within my severe right-handedness, not her abilities...)
She did, however, forget to leave a gap so we could turn the pocket right-side out... (I shoulda taught her my wizard ripping-out skills from years of practice, but I did it for her instead.)

 Due to time constraints, I did quite of the sewing & all the top-stitching.
I loved watching her excitement grow as the pieces started coming together.
The grand reveal as she pulls the entire purse through that tiny gap in the lining... 
She was quite particular to make sure certain fabrics were showing no matter how you turned the purse.


  1. I want to make one--I have Fabric; I have lefthanded Fiskars--shears and pinkers.I can pin, and am well-practiced at taking out! Baglady


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