April 22, 2012

baby girl gift

"Change" is the word for 2012, I guess. Come the end of May we'll have one boy ready for college, one boy ready for high school, and one junior high school that won't know what hit 'em when our third boy shows up in August! That's alotta change!
These boys are one of the reasons we changed churches eleven years ago. Change can be tough, even though it's a good thing. Our church is in the process of changing youth pastors. The one we've had for about five years has been called to a senior pastor position in the mid-west. He and his beautiful wife and three darling children will be a blessed addition to that church, but leave a sizeable hole in our congregation & collective hearts.
But our God is good all the time, and does good things for His people. Five years ago He began preparing another young man for this position. This new youth minister has been a friend of, and mentored by the one who is leaving. It's a God thing. It's a good thing.
Oh! Another good thing is the new baby girl that happens to accompany this young man and his sweet spouse. What a doll! And she has such a precious name. I just had to do something with it...
I used my favorite appliqué script, but made it raggy instead of satin stitch. There are four layers of fabric in the letters.Three of them were used to make these rolled raggy roses.
Also used them to make a bunny.
Sew cute!

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  1. I love it when I see familiar fabric recycled into such lovely things. Need more? Baglady


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