February 27, 2012 my money's-worth out of that one!

I'm referring to this pattern:
I finished my 4th & 5th purses from View A this weekend. (You can read about the first two for my sisters here, and the third here. I also stitched a View C/D bag out of old suits here.) I think I will give the pattern a rest for a bit -- then maybe work on another couple with the patchwork style.

But back to the ones I finished yesterday:
For the first one I made a raggy & singed flower. I wanted to use a magnetic closure; but I needed something to "pop" on the bag's front in place of the button.  
The closure is not at all difficult to install; but in order to ensure that it & the surrounding fabric would wear well, there were a couple "extras" I decided to incorporate.
First, I used a leather scrap so the closure wouldn't eventually pull through the fabric. Secondly, I had to treat my top-stitching differently than in the other bags to better support the magnetic closure's weight.
It turned out to be a very pretty little purse.
The last one is MINE.  After stitching the previous four bags I knew what extra touches I wanted in mine.
I found a cute vintage cardigan button that was a little rose-y in color.
I totally needed this loop to keep my hand sanitizer
(it just looks bad attached to the handle of my suit bag...)
I really wanted a clip for my keys
I wanted a pocket to keep pens & my phone
& I wanted a pocket with my monogram. 

Now I've got it all! (...well, at least until I stitch up some accessories...)

(Gonna link up with Skip to my Lou.)

Julie invited me to her party, too!


  1. This just turned out great! Love Love Love the fabric!!!

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