April 4, 2012



I believe life is better when you are "ampersanded". For too many years I lived my life unampersanded; until just about twenty years ago my best friend gave me a permanent ampersand: Keith & Melody -- man & wife.

We were blessed to attend a gorgeous reception last weekend for a sweet friend who had just been upgraded to ampersand. (It was a marvelous party with lots of food, friends and fun. The decor was incredible and the cake was gorgeous.)

For the reception gift I decided to go with the old standby -- a monogrammed throw. (Although it's Spring here in the Valley, the newlyweds will be spending half their time in Montana. She's gonna need warm and snugly after being a desert dweller for so many years...)

Because I did not have an embroidery the dimension I desired; I printed out my own appliqué. I used Baskerville Old Face at 873pts, printed in outline form.

I pinned my print-out to the top of the black velour I was using for the appliqué, and secured it all to the throw. I stitched with the sewing machine around the outline.

After carefully removing the paper from the stitching, this is what I had. (I was sorely tempted to leave it just so...)

Had to do a heap of figgerin' to plan the lettering exactly...

...but sometimes things don't turn out just as I'd planned!

Sometimes things have a way of working out on their own.

Congratulations, Janet & Rod!

God bless your marriage.



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