April 22, 2012

Hey! I could make hummus out of that...

(alternately titled: There's a Hummus Among Us...)

On our second wedding anniversary while my mother baby-sat our 5-month old, the hubs took me to a highly-recommended Greek/Italian Bistro. It was called Mike's Greek/Italian Bistro. Anyhoo -- There I tasted for the very first time the nectar snack food appetizer of the gods, hummus. For the longest time we only ate it at restaurants. Then I discovered I could make it myself with a recipe utilizing two cans of garbanzo beans. Later, lo & behold, I also found that I could inexpensively cook dried chickpeas (alternate spelling of garbanzo, for the uninitiated...) in my crockpot and still whip up a decent hummus. And now, thanks to Mr. Google, I've found multiple recipes for making my own tahini.

Currently, I've been spending much time with Ms. Pinterest.  She shows me people are making hummus from all types of legumes... 
...even sprouted legumes...
A couple months ago my friend was cleaning out her cupboards and gave me a case of kidney beans.


Can you see that sugar?!

Ah well, I guess most of that rinses off, huh?
This will make it all better!
After 3 (largish) cloves, 1 teaspoon cumin, and unknown quantity of drizzled olive oil -- I got this:
Hey! what about trying it with those brown rice crackers I baked?
YUP! It's all good!
Wait, I do believe some feta just made it better.

This post is dedicated to my sister who has lived almost two decades in foreign places where it's impossible find common ingredients. She is adept at adapting!
What kind of nettles? & send me the recipe! 


  1. You girls certainly didn't inherit my stomach!!!

  2. Melody, can I please come live at your house? Just for a week or so? Maybe I will soak in your cooking abilities by association. I love Hummus!!!


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