October 2, 2011

The Quilt

I gave you a couple little peekies of this sweet baby boy's quilt here, here, and here. (oooops! here, too...) I received a "Thank You", so now it's safe to post... ☺
I totally loved the fabrics I collected for this piece. Some I had on hand (those are the ones that probably show up a little wrinkled in the pre-cut pics...) but the rest I picked up at JoAnn's & WalMart.
After I decided to style my quilt after sew4home's modern baby patchwork, I set up my design using Microsoft Publisher. It looked like this:
After I made all my cuts, my paper looked like this:
and my stack looked like this:
I pieced it all together:
I pieced the lonely multi-dotted flannel strip into the blue flannel backing:
I pinned the batting to the back. Since I needed the strip on the back to line up exactly with the second strip on the front, I decided to hand baste both sides of the strip.
To facilitate pinning the rest together I used my patio door as a "light table" -- works very well!
Next came the tedious machine quilting 1/4" from each seam of each block & strip. (My shoulders were sore for a week!)
(notice I never claimed to be able to stitch a straight line!)
Had to straighten out some edges:
I cut my bias binding from the tiny striped fabric & stitched it around the quilt.  (I took the quilt with me on a "party bus" trip to my son's football game.  I figured since we had about 200 miles to travel, I could finish with hand-stitching the binding.  I did take the quilt out of the bag but only tried about three stitches... it was way too hot!)
I did eventually finish the binding & applied my label.  I mailed it off on the day he was born.

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  1. That quilt is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a LOT of work. I know the recipient was thrilled to get it!


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