October 19, 2011

Costuming again

Other than decking out my boys for Spirit Week, Storybook Character Day and your basic ninja/Darth/Indiana Jones play-acting, my costuming efforts have been few & far between recently.  Imagine my delight last month when Aunt Margaret asked for assistance in putting together her Christmas costume for her church choir programme.
This is the pattern she chose. She'd already picked up a Thrift Store formal (needs a little work...) that we'll dress up with the cape, muff & hat. The gown is what you might call aubergine in color -- not quite purple, yet not burgundy... 
I love the detailing on the back of the cape! 
We're planning on black braid & tassels; because we found the perfect black & aubergine  houndstooth today! It is a wool blend. 
We will use a black lining. STAY TUNED! (I might have the muff finished tomorrow!)

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