September 3, 2011

love love love love LOVE!

My heart is "full to overflowing" this week with all God's blessings.  I'm just going to try to capture a few...

My sister left for a lengthy time in Russia. We had a little "going-away" party for her. Keith grilled burgers & dogs -- I made a delicious green chile pasta salad.
(recipe furnished upon request...)
Since she was over-loaded in the luggage department, I wanted my parting gift for her to be light-weight & "tuckable". I embroidered a flour sack towel with Delft shoes on one end & a verse framed with Delft on the other...
I finished up Ian's quilt & mailed it off.
I was able to go to the Childrens' Hospital to see my friend Hunter. I "stole" this picture from his mom's facebook, because she said he was able to take some steps yesterday. Please continue to pray for his healing.
I embroidered a name on a fluffy blanket. The throw is from Costco & is soooooo soft!
We went to Sedona for a football game. There was quite a bit of smoke hanging around from the lightning-caused wildfires up North. But God's incredible handiwork was evident on every red wall...
The highschool where the game was played had some incredible views of the red rocks.
I believe we might've had more fans present than the home team...
Despite what this picture shows, my son is not an angel & doesn't sport a halo.

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