October 29, 2011

mmmmm... Lovings...

Oh - it's been too long since I've joined Paisley Jade's wonderful weekly accounting of all that's good in our lives!  So many things to be thankful for . . . but I'll just list a few:
#3 son enjoys life & is a happy, healthy 6th grader. His school spent this past week focusing on fitness, health & being drug-free.
#2 son earned his brown belt in karate a couple weeks back. (Passing older brother on the way was a sweet bonus!) He competed today, and earned a medal for his kata.
#1 son's school & football team were on Friday morning's news show.  I love how he's boosting a friend on his shoulders. He's very excited to have had a starting position in the final game of the season . . . (And quite thrilled that his team finished the season undefeated. He predicts another State win, with another gigantic ring at the end of the line . . . )
. . . which brings us to SENIOR NIGHT. Soooooooooo not ready to give this up!  Very proud of his dedication through four long years of hard work & bruises. (Any bets as to whether or not I cried when his name was announced & we walked to the center of the field with him?)
Class of 2012 football players & cheerleaders
We were so happy to be able to witness the princess' wedding to Prince Charming.
I embroidered a fluffy/comfy-warm throw for them as they make their abode in a much cooler climate.
That does not exhaust all I'm thankful for; although, I guess it is time to save your eyes & quit all my rambling reminiscences -- but not before I link you up : 


  1. Such a fabulous list - thanks for joining in!!!

  2. You DO have a lot of things to love! Wish we could have seen you too when we were in Arizona. Maybe next time!


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