October 26, 2011

picture on my mom's fridge

There is a ragged photograph held by magnets onto the freezer door.  It is a not-so-subtle reminder of how precious my family is.
An alternate title for this post could be "God's Protection."

On July 1, 1996 my mom, my nephew, my son & I had driven up north to celebrate my grandmother's birthday with her & Grandpa.  On our way back down that afternoon, there was a traffic back-up at the Carefree Highway exit due to a fatal accident. We slowed into the single lane the signs & cones indicated; as did the car & truck towing a small trailer behind us.

However, a semi-truck coming down the hill behind them did not slow, but swerved into the line of traffic. (Accident report indicates he was probably dozing.) The semi hit the two vehicles between us & was air-born when he hit the trunk of my mother's car.

The impact sent the semi & those other two vehicles into the median where there was an immediate fireball.  Our guardian angels, conversely, used that same impact to hurl us into a 180° turn landing us facing north on the far shoulder -- well away from the burning vehicles.

Zachary, my 2 and a half year old son, was seated in his car seat behind my mom, the driver. Andrew, who is two months older, was beside him. I cannot look at this picture without crying; so thankful that we were cradled in the safe arms of Jesus that day. Andrew had a spiral fracture to one leg. Zach emerged without even a scratch!  Well... kinda... The paramedics found a piece of safety glass in his mouth. Which he had put in there. Thinking it was candy.


  1. The music director at our church always says, "There is no such thing as coincidence." I certainly believe that's true when it comes to the accident. I'm thankful God had His hand of protection on your that day too!

  2. Oh Melody, my heart is in my mouth reading this post.
    God has protected me too on the road - aren't we lucky he multi tasks across the world!! God bless and glad you are still here xxx


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