October 5, 2011

Spaghetti Carbonara a la Shingler

Here's another recipe going out to my friend Lori. She's only a PE teacher, so I have to make it visual for her. (Just kidding -- I took the pics a couple weeks before she asked how I cook the dish . . .)
We start with a pound of bacon.
To save stove-top space, I cook it in the oven.  Spread bacon slices out over your pan and put in a cold oven.
Set the oven to 400°.
Cook to desired doneness (about 20 minutes) turning once.
Drain bacon. Crumble.
Sauté onions & garlic in some olive oil.
Boil water (with a bit of olive oil) for noodles.
(We use whole wheat pasta from Costco.)

OK -- here's where stuff goes pretty fast, so I don't have pictures until the dish is finally done.  Here's what has to happen:

  • In a large bowl beat 4 eggs, add cracked black pepper to taste
  • Drain cooked pasta & mix with beaten eggs (the hot noodles will cook the eggs)
  • Continue to "toss" so noodles don't stick
  • Add bacon and onions & garlic
  • Toss in 1/2 cup grated parmesan (or amount "to taste") or you could even use the kind from a can
  • Serve!

This last time I chopped the bacon before placing in the oven. (It cooked more evenly & saved the crumbling time...) We also added basil fresh from the garden & raw garlic, instead of browned.  The hubs likes to sprinkle red hot pepper flakes over his...


  1. Yummy! lol @ "Only a gym teacher." :)

    (And lol @ your comment about the "punk"in. I think my granny pumpkin may want to date that "punk"in.) :)

  2. Sounds good and I appreciate the visuals! I was wondering though .. how do I pound the bacon? With my fists or between two linemen..?


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