March 31, 2011

Spring Cleaning Break

Just noticed I haven't posted in a week! I'm supposed to be cleaning out my sewing room, but am finding so many excuses not to... Oh well, at least my front room windows, laces & drapes are all clean! (& so is the dog, the fish tank, the bed skirt...)

I do, however, want to do the Things I'm Loving... link-up with Paisley Jade.

Today I'm loving my first rose of the year.

Loving the first jump in the pool (let-me-tell-you he jumped out twice as fast as he jumped in!)

Loving my studious son

Loving the fact that my oldest worked hard last fall to be on a football team that won the state championship. He also worked hard to earn $ to buy his ring.

What are you loving today?

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  1. How did those boys grow up so fast? I did spring cleaning too - it took 20 minutes in this trailer. And, yes, there is shuffleboard, a spa, a pool, and some other courts that I don't know what you play on them. Enjoy your spring. It won't last long!


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