July 1, 2011

I'm loving this...

Eggplant from my garden (getting a bath before they do their duty...)
Olive oil, cracked pepper & kosher salt will make these babies sing!
That meat's been marinating a long time -- just waiting for destiny to be fulfilled.
Hubs has a killer grill method!
Just the perfect "done-ness" - straight to the table...
The loaded plate. (Please wipe the drool off your monitor & keyboard...)
I love our house's entire exterior being one color (faded, watered-down paint makes for some interesting color combos...)

My cup runneth o'er...
I simple syrup & the way it lets drink-making be so easy! Iced tea, iced coffee... it's all good!
At last! The cobalt tree has bloomed!
I loves me some ice-y peach-y drink-y goodness...

I being able to share with Paisley Jade's weekly round-up of thankfulness!


  1. I just finished wiping the drool off my keyboard. Wish I was there to help you finish off that eggplant! Actually, I wish your eggplant was here - it's cooler. Ha ha! (That's evil laughter).

  2. a think an egg plant grilling tutorial should happen from here! Let me know if your hubby would consider! I LOVE LOVE LOVE eggplant grilled...Love that cup!


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