July 24, 2011

...when life takes away your limes...

... could also be titled "Don't Count Your Limes Before They're Harvested!"  Back at the beginning of the year I blogged about my lovely lime tree with its beautiful blossoms...
I was not counting on there being a hard freeze (in Glendale, in February, for cryin' out loud!) that badly injured my tree. (I am so thankful the tree is nice & healthy now!) So sorry, no limes this summer...
Normally, when we need a lime for tea or marinade we head to the back wall to pick one. Trifle inconvenient to drive to Sprouts each time I want a little icy blender drink!
 My knight in shining armor to the rescue! He bought me a nice large bag of limes from Costco. Raspberry tea never had it so good! Diet coke is improved with a little squeeze. Black beans are quite tasty with some lime squirted on... Grilled salmon totally rocks a honey/lime marinade.

However, no matter how many I use, usually toward the end of the bag the poor things are as hard as rocks & difficult to juice. What a waste.


Today I made lime simple syrup: 
4 cups sugar
4 cups water
3 limes, quartered
bring to boil
strain through cheesecloth



  1. The freeze earlier this year hurt my lemon tree too. Last year we had lemons the size of softballs, and we had more than we could possibly use. This year... nothing! Luckily we froze a bunch of lemon juice so we can still enjoy "fresh" lemonade.

    I like your recipe for lime simple syrup. I might try it for my next lemon crop!

  2. Don't forget to make some key lime pie! We've been enjoying it a lot down here - maybe too much.


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