July 10, 2011

So Special

A special day of prayer for a special little man. We have been praying for Gavin for such a long time -- at least since March of 2010. My boys still petition our Father for "Baby Gavin" every time they pray.

Gavin was supposed to be born around the beginning of July last year, but instead made his entrance to this world on the fifth of April. You can read about his journey thus far, right here.

Anyhow, on Monday, Mr. Gavin has to have a surgical procedure done to scope areas of concern in his throat, lungs & intestines. Believers from around the world are "gathering" via a facebook invite, to fast & pray for Gavin's healing. We will also be praying for healing with regard to his low muscle tone & muscular issues with his eyes.

I was privileged last week to meet Gavin for the first time & to see his mom (a former student, whom I've probably not seen in over a dozen years...) He was such a good boy! Not fussy in all the heat & didn't cry while I held him.
God bless you Gavin. We pray for His will in your life. May you be a difference-maker.

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