July 9, 2011

SPROUTS' chicken sausage

If you're reading this before dinner, please stop.
The boys were with me when I shopped Sprouts this week. They always manage to steer the cart over to the meat counter. They always manage to get me to look at the tremendous variety of sausages. Chicken sausages were on sale, so we bought a pound each of two different varieties.
First on our list to try was the Basil.
We like to roast sausages with a variety of vegetables in the oven. I dislike using the oven during summer, so into the slow-cooker (on high)the chopped links went 
(with a bit of olive oil, because chicken sausages tend to dry out...)
I stirred occasionally to keep it all browning nice and even.
We let the meat brown for a bit, and then added our two chopped red bell peppers & an onion.
About an hour before serving time I started my Garlic Brown Rice. 
I start that by putting olive oil in the sauce pan to coat the rice a bit. 
I add my granulated garlic & ever-present bouillon to the rice. 
I heat that over medium-high until I can smell the garlic and the rice starts to sizzle slightly & brown. I add hot water, then simmer until done.
Because I'm lazy To save on dishes to wash To make sure no one hogged we had an even distribution of meat & veggies to rice & eater, I stirred the rice into the crock pot with the sausage chunks. 
(If you have none of the above concerns, you may simply plate the rice then spoon the sausage, onion & peppers prettily over the top.

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