July 27, 2011


TA - DA!

I finally finished my second bag for the sew-along! 
I don't know which part of the process was worse:
  • walking around Goodwill (in Phoenix in the summer) with several pounds of wool suits on my arm
  • picking apart well-tailored jackets draped across my lap (in Phoenix in the summer)
  • manipulating pattern pieces to capture pockets & labels
  • stitching through multiple layers of wool suiting
But -- I do believe it was worth it! I will be making more. (I've got several pounds of suit fabric on my sewing room floor...)

Feast your eyes:


  1. What an ingenious idea...they look great. Wish our Goodwill had such nice wool things.. I can't even find sheets at ours. You did good...

  2. I love your purse! I can't find anything at our goodwill. And I keep going back, hoping for the best...but no luck!


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