April 14, 2011

Things I ♥

I'm loving my karate champions

I'm loving a sweet little gift from my auntie
She's an "Elisa", purchased in Spain

I'm loving the smell of focaccia breads baked for a friend's Italian-flavored birthday party
clockwise: rosemary & onion, garlic & cheddar, sourdough & parmesan

I'm loving a game of "bump-out" after the party

I'm loving the fragrance of my beautiful roses as I walk through my "secret garden"

I'm loving a bride-to-be exclaiming over the gifts I brought to the shower
microwave oven mitts!

I'm especially loving my black belt!
I so ♥ it when 6'7" sensei works with his little white belt students...


  1. How proud you must be, thats great that your kids have accomplished that! that bread sounds yum!

  2. What a great list - love them all!!

  3. You inspire me to make my own list! :-)


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