April 25, 2011

Dinner Rolls

We spent a lovely Easter afternoon with friends. I brought rolls to the table. Mind you, these were not just any rolls. They were [♪♫ dun dun dunnn ♪♫] "The Spicery's Rolls."

At the beginning of our married life we were privileged to live in a hot dusty quaint old house in Historic Glendale.
Keith & Zach @ our circa 1919 bungalow (1994)
A couple blocks away was the most adorable tea room called The Spicery.
The Spicery
 Their wonderful lunch menu includes the divine Spicery roll.  Many years ago I came across their recipe in a local newspaper. This roll has been the star of many holiday feasts. Here is how I "roll"...

many thanks to Ms. Bosch for doing all the kneading...

after 1st punch-down
ready to form 3 dozen rolls?

yup! 36 rolls waiting to rise...

risen enough?

yup! time to pop 'em in the oven...

Now, you make some! Here is the recipe:

Going to link this up with Laurie, the Tip Junkie's Tip-Me Tuesday's goodness...


  1. Over from Tip Junkie...can't wait to try these! Look delish!

  2. I pulled that same recipe out of that same paper years ago and have made them many times. Of course, I can only make them when we're having company since the recipe makes so many rolls. It's not a pretty sight when Richard and I are trying to eat them all by ourselves - and we do!


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