April 10, 2011

How I made my micro-mitts...

This post is going out to my gir-ruls at Spools Of Fun Embroidery Forum! I guess I'm just a terrible 'splainer when it comes to some of my projects. Hopefully my step-by-lazy-step photos will give you an idea of how I stitched them. Please feel free to ask any questions.

(pre-folded & pressed the "pocket" fabric)

WSS hooped
"sandwich" for body of mitt waiting to be tacked down
(what are my mom's hands doing in my photo!?)

tacked down

(Yes, I see that gathered bobble!)

How lazy is this?

pockets tacked down

& trimmed

backside -- ready for finishing stitch

done - done - done!

trimming WSS from back

Haven't run a damp rag around edges to remove the last of the WSS,
but you get the idea.

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